Saturday, 30 April 2011

Major Pyrex haul!

My baby decided he didn`t want to nap yesterday morning, and since it was half off day at GW, I decided to do a round of thrifting.  My plans were actually to find some lids for my recent acquisitions since lids are often priced at $2 or more, which is a bit ridiculous in my opinion.  Funny thing was, I found no lids (very unusual) but some great Pyrex pieces (which almost never happens on half price days)!!

Check this out!

I found the two baking pans at one GW. 

The flamingo square pan was not in good shape but I thought the glaze on the outside looked ok and a good scrubbing would save it.  Unfortunately, after cleaning off the grime, I realized that this poor girl has dishwasher effect and I couldn`t get rid of the discolouration on the inside.  Oh, and there`s a big scrape on the glaze that I suspect happened after it was donated because there was no dirt caked into the sad!
That`s ok though, I only paid $1.25 for her and she has a new life as a cute tray for my 501 and 502 fridgies.

The green baking pan turns out to be a Heinz promo utility dish and is quite minty.  It was priced $3.03 so at half price, I ended up only paying $1.52 for it.  Score!!
I also stopped by a neaby VV and found Woodland Pyrex teacups.  I actually didn`t realize Pyrex made tea cups, I thought there were only corelle coordinates for tea cups. I paid $1 each, plus tax.

On the way to another nearby GW, I saw a rummage sale sign and I quickly pulled over.  It was being held in a nursing home and the parking lot was jam packed!  I didn`t realize they held rummage sales on Fridays.  This turned out to be really great one with tons of stuff.  I found 13 of these torquise autumn band Pyrex sauce dishes:

I found out from the lady running that table that there had been matching cups and dishes but they had been sold already (sadly).  There was also a huge stack of grey band and grey autumn band dishes, but they were not in great shape so I left them.  I paid $1.25 for all 13 of these sauce dishes.  Now when I have a sushi party, everyone will have a pretty little Pyrex dish for their soy sauce.

My best finds of the day were at the second GW I went to.  That place was so crowded I honestly didn`t think there would be anything left.  But a quick stroll through the housewares sections and I found these:
That`s right, not one but two large designs casseroles!!  And they were only priced at $5.05 each, which meant I paid that for both because it was half price day!!!  I also found the flameware teapot and large perculator.  For all four items, I paid just over $ about a steal!!!!!

It was so surreal I thought I was dreaming!

Since I found two designs casseroles, I decided to give one of them to one of my new Pyrex friends who had just gifted me with Pyrex the day before.  It turned out that she had been looking for the large designs casserole for some time because she had the small one already.  I was so happy that I could return the favour!!  It was giddiness all around.  :)

Do you share the joys of Pyrex or thrifting with others?


  1. I can't believe how much lovely Pyrex you are accumulating - and so quickly! Good for you!!!

  2. Wow I am amazed and jealous of the wonderful Pyrex finds and the prices!! So glad you could share your bounty with a friend. Yes I love to share my thrifting luck!

  3. Are you a member of the Pyrex Collective? They would love to see this post!

  4. Linda, I am actually part of the pyrex collective II...just didn't get that posting up as quickly :)

  5. Just started reading your blog and wow! you have more pyrex than you can shake a stick at! I've seen a lot of pyrex at sales and thrift stores, but never started buying them until recently. I used to be more focused on vintage clothes, but I'm branching out now. They really are lovely pieces. Do you sell yours anywhere? If so, where?