Monday, 18 April 2011

The highs and lows of Pyrex hunting - it's all relative

So I made a quick trip this morning to a SA that I've had some luck with in the past.  I was very happy to spot a woodland casserole with a lid.
It was in beautiful condition and I found this inside:
I love finding things with original manuals. However, the picture on it was a set of butterly golds so I'm not sure it actually came with this casserole.  So then I got it into my head that maybe there was a set of mixing bowls somewhere that this belonged to.  I scanned the housewares isles at least 3 times and I checked the rack near the door, no luck so I decide to line up to pay.  It was a busy day because they had a 1/2 price sale on all clothing.  Since the line was long, I decided to leave my cart in line and take one more peak nearby.  As I walk to up that rack by the door where I found my butterprint fridgie last Monday, there was a girl in front of me.  All of a sudden I saw a flash of orange and saw that the girl had picked up a complete set of daisy cinderella bowls that an employee had just brought out.  I kept saying in my head "please put it back down, please put it back down".  Alas, she did not.  She went to pay for them instead.  For the 10 minutes we were both waiting (in different lines), I looked at those bowls longingly and felt a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. 

Then I wondered if she even realized it was Pyrex or just some pretty set of mixing bowl.  Believe it or not, I actually got up the nerve to ask her if she'd let me buy it off of her for more than what she paid (I figured there was no harm in asking politely).  She told me that she's a Pyrex collector so that was the end of that.  I guess it was not meant to be.  :(  It bummed me out for most of the afternoon, until I reminded myself that the woodland casserole is a spectacular find and I could have left empty-handed instead, like I've done so many times before.  Funny how perspective makes such a huge difference.  Had I never seen those daisy bowls, I would have been happy all day with my find.  At least I came to my senses eventually. 


  1. wow! been there and feel for you. i sometimes KNOW i should be happy with my finds, i AM happy with them, but the one that got away will always play with your head...that's when i remind myself to keep my eyes on my own paper. i do love that woodland piece!

  2. I know that feeling! That's why I make a point of NOT looking in other people's carts when I'm in the household aisle. Better not to know... If you're still hankering after the Daisy bowls there's a set advertised on Kijiji right now for $45 (you're in the Toronto area too, right?)

  3. I don't look in other people's carts either. This girl took this off the shelf right before my eyes! I can't find that kijiji ad!