Monday, 4 April 2011

How it all started

My very first post!  How exciting!

I've become so addicted to reading blogs that I decided to start one myself.  Having recently become a mother to the most adorable baby in the world (I'm only slightly biased), I entered the world of thrifting because it just doesn't make sense to pay retail for clothing and toys that are only used for a short amount of time.  It started with "mom to mom" sales (basically rummage/garage sale of all baby-related items) and yard sales and moved to thrift stores when the cold weather settled in.

One day, while in Goodwill during their 1/2 price sales (love!), I noticed a beautiful set of tea cups and saucers  that looked brand new on the shelf above a rack of clothing.  I looked on the bottom of one of the tea cups and saw that it was Noritake, which I knew to be an expensive brand of fine china, but it was only $2 per cup/saucer set and there were 6 sets...sold.  Actually there were also a few cups without the saucers.  I left them behind but of course regretted it afterwards because I'm a clutz and may well break one of the ones in the set.  I went back a couple of days later but of course they were gone.

Anyways, when researching this purchase, I discovered a number of blogs on thrifting and I was opened up to a whole world of thrifting possibilities, way beyond baby clothes and toys.  Now I love reading about what items to look out for and going treasure hunting as often as possible.  My husband thinks I've lost my marbles but I love it and will be documenting my thrifting luck as I go!

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