Friday, 15 April 2011

Pet Peeves

1) Seeing someone paying for (my) Pyrex as I'm entering the store.  :(

2) City worker making a huge racket outside our house while baby is napping.  He'd better hope for his sake that he doesn't wake my baby up!

Hope everyone (including me) has a great Pyrex hunting/thrifting weekend!


  1. Aww... sorry about both! I've only had this happen to me once, but seeing someone else buy Pyrex as I walk in hurts so bad!

  2. Sucks that it happened to you too but it's nice to have others to commiserate with.

  3. I HATE THAT!!! Walking into the store to find something with the one amazing thing you have been looking for! I love old books and I have been looking for a copy of Faust for a loing time. We went to a store close to the house and there is was, MY early (not sure of the year) copy of it in someone else's cart. GRRRRRRRRRR!

  4. I try not to look in others baskets because I always see items that should be MINE!! Of course I've had others drool over items in my basket! I'm enjoying your blog. I've gone back and read all your previous posts! hugs, Linda

  5. Oh no passionate thrifter...hope you'll find your own copy of Faust soon!

    You've got stronger will power than me Linda. Reverse cart envy is nice though!