Sunday, 17 April 2011

Yard Sale-ing

Since it was raining yesterday, tons of yard sales were postponed until today, which meant I had time to check a few out.  I found some toys and a Thomas the Train stool for the baby which will be useful.  But the most interesting was the third and last yard sale I went to.  It was a British couple who were moving to the US and downsizing.  I took a quick scan and spotted some English Pyrex, so I was very excited.  Then I asked if she had anymore, and she showed me one more on another table.  She was asking $15 for them.  I didn't like the pattern on the smallest of the casserole dishes but I decided to put them all aside while I looked around some more.  I'll get back to that in a minute.  They had some very interesting things.  I couldn't resist these adorable milk bottles (even the cap at the top says milk).

There were also some pretty scarves, including a Vera (that I keep reading about on other blogs), which I thought were a steal at $2 each.

I was drawn to these accordian folders that look like purses by Vera Bradley, how cute!
In the back of their garage, I notice a hard case and inside it was this vintage typewriter.
It's in beautiful condition, works and has the original manuals.  Was I looking for a vintage typewriter?  Nope.  Could I resist buying this for $10?  Nope!

Ok, so back to the Pyrex, sadly it was not a well lit garage and there was no sunlight, and partially blinded by my Pyrex fever, I failed to notice some serious defects.  The lid on the small casserole was badly chipped in several places.  And middle casserole (one of my favourite English patterns) was missing a chunk (as well as being lid-less).  I tried to take a closeup but I'm not sure if you can really see, but it's right under the orange flower on the small casserole.  :(
I was really kicking myself afterwards because I"m normally pretty good at checking for damage so how could I have missed something so obvious?!  Oh well, you live and learn.  On the bright side, the third and largest casserole dish did not have any significant damage and is an English Pyrex snowflake pattern.  Seems that this was a promotional dish that originally came with a lid and a cradle.  Oh, how I dream of the day when I find a promotional dish with a lid and cradle!

All in all, I was still happy with my purchases.

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  1. I want it all! Those milk bottles are adorable! And the scarves and the accordian folders and....

  2. Hope the nice weather soon comes and yard sale season starts - I will be out on the hunt for sure!! You had a VERY productive weekend!

  3. Yes, I hope the weather gets better too...I was crazy to do it in the cold and rain :)