Thursday, 7 April 2011

Unlucky Pyrex

It's been about a month since I bought Pyrex from a thrift store.  It's been hard to come by and what I've found has mostly been very sad Pyrex.  Saddest was a few delphite plates and a bowl.  As soon as I spotted them, I rushed over super excited but they were so scratched, discoloured and dulled from dishwasher abuse I just couldn't justify paying for them.  Funny how thrift stores don't seem to take condition into account when pricing.

I've also left behind a few good Pyrex surprisingly.  My cupboards are jammed full right now from huge corningware haul that I blogged about yesterday, which is why I have to be pickier about what I purchase...well at least until I can sell the corningware to make room and pay for my true obsession  :)  I've already blogged about the old orchard bowls left at the estate sale, but I also left behind some english pyrex (2 different sizes of casseroles but no lid) because the pattern was one with painted flowers that were a bit too granny-style for me and a crazy daisy casserole (pretty minty condition but no lid) because I'm not a big fan of green and brown patterns, so it's best they go to a home where they'd be appropriately loved.  I think back and sometimes I regret not buying those.  My biggest regret was a set of 3 nested turquoise mixing bowls.  Even though they were not in great shape (some scratches and a lot of black spots that I"m not sure I could have cleaned off), it was 1/2 off day at goodwill and I could have had them for only $8 for the whole set.  Oh well, you live and learn and then you buy more Pyrex to make everything right again  :)

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