Monday, 11 April 2011

Thrifty finds

Hope you're had a good week of thrifting last week.  I'm pretty happy with how mine went.

Friday, I did a round at the thrift stores because most of them were having 50% off sale.  No Pyrex (that wasn't sad Pyrex) but found:

1) baby change pad (retail: $30) - I'm actually using for our dog who is 11 and has a weak stomach.  We've recently thrown away two dog beds due to "accidents" so I figured this would work better because it's waterproof and it's padded for comfort.  I made a quick cover with some thrifted fabric and it's good to go.

paid: $2.01

2) The babysitter pillow (retail: $30) - I'm making a cover and using this for my baby who still sometimes falls backwards when he gets tired of sitting and kick his legs out in front of him.

paid: $1.52

3) "My Brest Friend" nursing pillow (retail: $65, plus tax, but worth every penny in my opinion) - I already own the same nursing pillow (and love it) but couldn't pass on this deal, especially since it was in perfect condition, so I'll either give to a friend or sell it.     

paid: $1.77
Total spent: $5.30

Saturday morning, I went to an estate sale that promised "a lot of pyrex".  It was mostly clear pyrex but I did scores these:
The yellow fridgie is definitely my favourite find.  Also got some baking sheets (forgot to include in pictures), 2 bags of cookie cutters and pretty ikea fabric:
Love the cookie cutter with the wooden handle, which says that it was made in Italy.  Most of the metal cookie cutters were in bad shape, even after I tried to clean them and then scrubbed them with steel wool.  I threw most of them away already and I'm still debating on the ones in the second pictures.  I have no idea what the metal thing with the various cut outs on the bottom right of that picture is.

For all this (including the Pyrex), I paid $5!  Actually, I later discovered a label on one of the butterfly gold 401s that said $15 for the set of 3 (which I think is a bit outrageous and I wouldn't have paid).  The guy running the sale must have missed that too or didn't even look because they didn't price most of the smaller items...lucky me  :)

Since I was done by 8:30, I headed over to two church rummage sales only blocks away from each other and were starting at 9 and 10.  The first one wasn't that great so I decided to get to the second one early.  By the time I got in line, it was still more than 1/2 hour before it started and there were easily over 100 people in line!  Luckily starbucks had donated coffee that was being handed out by a nice volunteer at the church...just what I needed.  This sale was huge!  Two floors with 4 different sections.  I headed straight for the housewares.  The Pyrex was right by the entrance.  There was a red and a blue primary mixing bowl but both in pretty bad shape, especially the blue.  As soon as I put it down, another lady bought them for $1.50.  Beside those were a set of old orchard cinderella bowls, which were in great condition but I don't really love the pattern.  However, since the prices being thrown around seemed low, I asked how much they were just out of curiosity.  The answer: "$3 for the set".  What's a girl to do, let them possibly end up in some abusive home where they'd get the dishwasher treatment?!  Not on my Pyrex watch!

I just wonder what Pyrex got snapped up by the people ahead of me in line...

I also got some odds and ends including a set of bbq utencils that looked new for $4.  I saw a huge crowd surrounding a few table of shoes so I walked by it without looking at first.  By the time I was ready to leave, the crowd had cleared so I decided to take a peak to see what all the fuss was about.  That's when I spotted these super cute Nine West patent leather wedge sandals:
They looked barely worn, in my size and only $4, I decided buy my first pair of thrifted shoes.  Apparently, these belonged to a lady that donated tons of shoes that looked unworn.  Then I was sorry I didn't look earlier because I must have missed some great shoes if these were ones left behind.

I am linking to thrift share monday at Apron Thrift Girl's great blog.


  1. Wow you found some fab deals. I also have to save Pyrex from abusive homes. I am trying to find more Spring Blossom right now!

  2. wow..pass on some good luck here please. i seem to have the toughest luck with pyrex fridge containers or otherwse :)