Friday, 8 April 2011

Ebay success

Two people are bidding on one of my ebay auctions.  It'll be my first sale.  It's obviously not a real money maker (wasn't really my goal, just destashing my sewing room), but exciting nonetheless.  I found this adorable Care Bears fabric at a Salvation Army for 99 cents and loved it immediately but couldn't think of what to make with it.  I was in a big sewing kick when I was pregnant and for a while afterwards, during which I was hoarding so much fabric, but I haven't been feeling my creative sewing juices flowing for a while.  Maybe the threat of losing fabric will motivate me to sew again. Hopefully this fabric is going to a nice home where it will be made into something that gets treasured and not end up sitting in a fabric pile (yet again).


  1. Do like the fabric. I've got a stash of Care Bear stuff. Just wanted to say "hello", I take it from your item location in your eBay listing you are from Toronto too?

  2. Hello and yes I'm in Toronto too...there's seems to be a quite a few of us :)