Thursday, 7 April 2011

Craiglist/Kijiji luck

I had read on other blogs about people finding Pyrex through craiglist/kijiji.  I started checking every so often but mostly it was very pricey Pyrex from a reseller.  But this past week, I found 2 ads with very reasonable priced Pyrex. 

Firstly, I met a lovely lady with an adorable son.  I bought my first butterprint from her for $5.  A few spots where some stains ate away at the colour/pattern and some utencil scratches on the inside but still pretty decent conditon. 

Then another lady with a friendly dog.  I bought 3 fridgies, 2 red and a delphite!  She listed them for $15 but since there was some colour loss on the red ones and a deep scratch on the delphite (they look better in the picture than in person), I offered $12 and she agreed. 

Having had no luck at the thrift store (and I go often!), I was very happy about these finds.


  1. Love these finds! I love all fridgies - they're just too cute and practical to not love and I love Butterprint. I've got two pieces and they're like little treasures I'm hoarding! I'm signing up as a follower - anyone who loves Pyrex must be awesome =D

  2. Hi Flo! I was so happy and surprised to find these. Fridgies and butterprint are definitely top of my list. I'm so excited I have followers!!

  3. The delphite fridgie is amazing. I think I saw on Vonlipi's site that it actually has a delphite lid too... I have the delphite casserole (missing the lid) that I scored at Value Village for $5 and I use it all the time. I used it in the garden too - post is at

  4. Yes I've seen the delphite lid elsewhere too but mine didn't come with one. I still love it!