Sunday, 26 June 2011

Flea Market Fun!

I went to my first flea market this morning with two friends.  It was so much fun!  Such a beautiful day to wander around the outside market looking for treasures.  :)

As soon as I went in, I quickly spotted a table with Pyrex.  There was a complete set of friendship cinderella bowls!  It was marked at $27, which I was pretty excited see.  Taking a closer look, I noticed a lot of little scratches but not bad.  Here is the 441 to give you an idea of the condition.
I was able to haggle the seller down to $22 and walked away with them!  Very productive first 10 minutes at the flea market.  :)  This seller also had a set of butterprint cinderellas missing the 442 for $18 (and I'm sure he would have taken less too), which was also a great deal but I already have that set.

My thrifting friend already had all but the 444 from the friendship set so we were searching for that one, but sadly the only friendship 444s we found were pretty scratched up and the sellers were asking $18 for that bowl alone!  So the prices were definitely all over the map.
At a few other reasonably priced booths, I snagged a few other pieces.  I got a whole set of butterprint serve 'n stores (all with lids!) for $20.  Another booth was selling just one of those casseroles without the lid for $20!  Also picked up a horizon 503 without lid for $4 (I have an extra lid for it I picked up over a month ago) and one of the twin server casseroles for $3.50. 

I also left behind some good/great deals: butterprint 444 for only $4 (I already have two of those but it took a lot of will power not to snag this one too...still kinda wish I bought it, if only for trading), a snowflake garland 043 and 444 for $10 each, charcoal snowflake divided for $15 etc...there were tons of Pyrex to be had!!  I was saddest about leaving behind a blue stripe bowl but it was really very badly scratched.  :(

Here's my haul for just under $50:

I officially love flea market shopping!  There's great things to be found at thrift store-type pricing and the selection is amazing! It was far but well worth the drive.  I will definitely go back before it closes for the season.

I'm off to check out what treasure others found at ApronThriftGirl.


  1. The friendship bowl looks great. You got some really great deals!

  2. I love the Butterprint serve and stores - great find - those are such great storage containers!! Of course, everything else you found was great too!!

  3. I have quite a bit of Pyrex which I've had forever and some recently collected and don't know what most of the pieces are called. I have just learned from you that the little bowls with covers are Serve and Store. Thanks!
    You did well. I like your mixing bowls!

  4. I love your Pyrex. You did great! I use mine all the time. I'm your newest follower and I hope you stop by Cottage and Creek and follow back. Thanks for sharing your thrifty treasures today.

  5. Wow. That is a great deal on a ton of Pyrex. I love your choices. I don't have any Friendship but it is high on my list of things to collect.

  6. Lovely Pyrex. Great find for your first flea market.

    Madison xxx

  7. I really love that Horizon Blue fridgie or rectangular baker, I wonder if it is a rare piece because I don't see it blogged about much!

  8. Thanks everyone...I'm so excited to go back to that flea market!

    @sixballons...not sure how rare that horizon fridie is but I'm having trouble finding what the rest of the set looks like.

  9. you have great taste in vintage items. if you are ever so inclined, please visit my store.
    looking forward to seeing your next flea market haul!