Sunday, 12 June 2011

Getting back in the thrifting groove

My parents have been visiting for the past couple of week so I've had little time to thrift.  I headed out yesterday morning in need of a good thifting fix!

The first sale I went to was a good one.  I got a brand new set of Dansk steak knives for $2.
I also bought a bunch of great toys for my little one, like this set of 10 wooden puzzles and a stand to hold them all for $2.
There were 4 big metal tonka trucks in great condition for only $2 each.  I kept looking at them knowing it was a great deal but thinking that they were so big and my little one is still too young to play with them.  Well, someone else snapped those Tonka trucks up before I was able to make a decision.  Now I'm kicking myself for not grabbing them when I had the chance.  Oh well.

I went to a few more yard sales but didn't find anything.  Then I stumbled onto a yard sale that I had not planned to go to.  There were lots of boxes and older looking items on the driveway so I had a feeling it would be a good one.  First I found a large metal watering can, which I've had on my thrift list for a while. 

Then I spotted some Pyrex!
I asked the price and was told it was $3.  Then I decided on a whim to ask if they had any more Pyrex.  Well, as luck would have it, the guy said that he had some more that belonged to his mother and other family members and asked if there was anything in particular that I was looking for.  I mentioned that I prefer blue and turqoise pieces.  He went into his house and then came back with all these (much to my shock and delight!):
Honestly, I felt like I was dreaming.  The 442 Horizon was the last piece I needed to complete that set.  Butterprint...enough said.  And could those ramekins be any cuter?! 

Then the seller started telling me that he has been looking for the largest bowl for the (butterprint) nesting bowls to complete that set so he could sell  it for $40 and that he saw a large bowl in another pattern selling for $10 at a thrift.  In my head, I was thinking "uh oh he knows the value of Pyrex".  I was relieved when he said he'd take $10 for the ramekins and $15 for the butterprint bowls (since I'd have to do the leg work to complete the set) and he would throw in the horizon.  Greedy Pyrex maniac that I am, of course I asked if he had more inside.  He went back in and came out again with these:
Sadly, the gooseberry 441 and 443 have seen the inside of a dishwasher so the shine is gone but the pattern is mostly intact so when he dropped his price from $15 to $10, I couldn't resist.  I managed to sweet talk him into throwing in the butterfly gold casserole to sweeten the deal as well  :) 

He also had a set of Sandalwood cinderella bowls but I'm not a huge fan of that pattern so I passed on those.  

I left with a big box of Pyrex and a huge grin on my face.  The couple running the sale had a great sense of humour, I enjoyed chatting with them and they nicknamed me "Mrs. Pyrex"  :)


  1. That is my kind of sale - I'd like to come upon one of those..... It's funny - we both found the same patterns yesterday!! My first piece of Gooseberry - I like it!!! The stand for the puzzles is a great invention - very handy!!!

  2. WOW!!! GOOD JOB!!! My sweet husband is the brave one and always asks for me! but I have never gotten the haul you did!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  3. I love Butterprint so much.

    There are a lot of abused & "well loved" pieces out there, pisses me off when I see them, lol.

  4. This Pyrex haul is AMAZING! I've never seen the ramekins, but now I'm on the lookout. I love turquoise and pink and Pyrex...this post is my dream :)

  5. Wow- that is amazing. Good job asking if there was more! I wouldn't have thought to. I love all those colors and patterns. I just started my Pyrex collection last year so it's fairly small right now, but I would love to complete a set!

  6. Holy cow! That's some beautiful Pyrex! You totally rescued it and now it's in a place where it will be loved and well cared for =)

  7. Wowee, the power of persistence! The Horizon Blue solid colour is so beautiful.

  8. You got some amazing deals! I kick myself a lot for just not making enough money to carry cash with me and stop at sales like I would love to.
    I love Pyrex!!
    If you would, please share your finds in the Frugal Friday linky on my blog.

  9. So awesome!! Love your Pyrex steals. I just got into vintage Pyrex and am so jealous of your purchases. :D