Saturday, 21 May 2011

This week's finds

I'm happy to report that I found myself some more Pyrex and other goodies this week.

I found this Terra casserole at a SA.  No lid (and I have no hope of finding one in this pattern), a bit scratched and a chip on the rim but I coudn't resist for $1.99.
I did a round of thrifting again on GW's 1/2 price day this week but no luck on finding any vintage items, but did find some good toys for the baby so all was not lost.

There was one estate sale I was planning to attend on Saturday morning but got an email from the estate sale company saying that it was starting on Friday instead.  I wasn't able to get there until almost closing time but was able to score a Pyrex cake pan for $3 and a cute vintage ice cream scooper for a quarter.
This allowed me to go to a different estate sale in the morning and it was a good one!  Here is all the Pyrex I scored:
There were so many Pyrex canisters I was in shock.  I took only about half of them (anticipating my husband's reaction if I brought home more).  I already had the 444 and 441 of the Verde, and the 442 was quite scratched, but for the price, I could not resist.    A friend also recently found a horizon 444 and was going to give it to me but now she can keep hers for trading.  I was happy to find the lemonade carafe, since I've been on the hunt for one and had recently left a lidless one (for $2.99) behind at SA.  There was actually also a larger one with orange slices but sadly it was broken  :( 

I also picked up a neat set of dominos with dragon pattern:
So you're probably wondering what I paid for all this (along with a few small random things not worth mentioning)...a whopping $12!  Not bad eh?  :)

Of course I pushed my luck and went to a church sale afterwards that was more than 1/2 hour drive away because they made it sound like a huge sale.  I was kicking myself afterwards because the pickings were super slim even though I got there right when it opened.  They only had 4 rows of tables in one room whereas the other ones I've been to have taken up multiple room and even multiple floors of the church.  I didn't want to leave empty handed after all that wasted gas so I decided to rifle around to see if I could find anything.  I did pick up a couple of random things.

Who knew Esso made DIY candle kits?!  It was only a quarter so I figured I'd add it to my craft supplies.

This set of coasters caught my eye.  The foam backing was so old it was crumbling off but I can easily add some felt.  It was only 50 cents for the set.

Also stopped by a yard sale on the way home and picked up these interesting figurines.

I do need to stop buying things just because I think they're cute.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with these.  How often do you get buyer's remorse?

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  1. You truly deserve your name! These were amazingly lucky finds! I would love to find that many canisters...:)

  2. WHAT A GREAT ESTATE SALE!!! Wow the pyrex that you found is so wonderful! Great job!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  3. Never would have thought that Esso would have made candle kits! I've picked up a lot of Parowax in my travels with the intentions of making candles, but can never find the time.

    Sir Thrift-A-Lot

  4. I remember my mother using Esso parowax for sealing jam and pickle jars. Another great weekend for you - you always give me hope that I will be just as lucky!! Great finds!!

  5. Jealous of everything!

  6. Thanks everyone :) I actually kinda regret not picking up all the canisters now. I've already filled all the ones I got.

    @Sir Thrift-A-Lot - I doubt I'll get around to making candles either...

    @Jill - I'm sure you'll hit a lucky streak soon :)

  7. Love the dominos set! I have been to an estate sell yet..but am curious to go. What do you think? Is it worth it?

    XO Lindsay @ Delighted Momma

  8. I love the canisters. I pick them up every time I see them and now have a pretty good collection. Great for holding sugar, beans, coffee beans, salt...anything really!

  9. @Lindsay - I love estates sales so I think they're totally worth going to!

    @Chelsea - I totally agree! I wish I bought the rest of those canisters that day...only a quarter each!