Thursday, 12 May 2011

Parade of 444s

I have to admit I prefer the cinderella mixing bowls to the regular ones.  The spouts are not great for pouring batter (as I experienced last night making banana bread), but I love holding onto them like handles.  I'm always so paranoid about breaking my Pyrex!

I was lucky to find two 444s this week.

First was this Verde at GW, in mint condition, for only $4.04 (I love it when the "good" pricers are working).

Then I found this daisy at VV, for $6.99 plus tax.  I was able to clean off the black crud but sadly it left some staining.  But still in pretty good condition.

Can't wait to use these for our summer BBQs! 


  1. Dang I read black curd and it seriously made me almost barf. I don't know if I would buy anything with black curd in it. But black CRUD, yes, yes I would. Good finds, such beautiful bowls!!

  2. You're too funny Dhamma! :)