Sunday, 1 May 2011

The lucky streak continues.

There were so many church rummage sales, estate sales and yard sales near me Saturday morning I was honestly stressing about which to go to and in what order, since many of them started at the same time.  I also had very limited time since I had other plans for the day, so I had to skip a vintage sale promising Pyrex that was more than 1/2 hour drive away. 

I've been super lucky with finding cool Pyrex flameware! These were both from a church rummage sale for only $1 each!
Found this lime cake pan there for $1.  It's a bit dishwashered and scratched but the inside is still nice and it matches my new loaf pan.
Found two vintage aprons for $1.

I got a pair of pretty lace curtains in perfect condition for only $1.  The price tag was originally marked at $4 but someone decided that was too much, scratched it out and put $1 - lucky me!  Love the scalloped edge details.

Went to an estate sale as well.  I spotted a pink 404 but someone had put it aside already.  I did eventually find the 401, which was pretty scratched but for 50 cents I had to take her home.
Also got a Pyrex measuring cup for a quarter.  I thought it was very interesting because it didn't have the typical red markings - the markings were all in raised glass.  Seems practical because the red markings often gets worn away with time.  The glass was also particularly thick.  I wonder how old this little guy is.
At another church rummage sale, I found a Pyrex caraf for 75 cents, a butterfly gold salt shaker for a quarter and a country festival storage jar for $1.  The two large glass jars behind the Pyrex are unmarked but I like the lids with the round knobs at the top so I bought them for $1 each to store my flour and sugar.  I also got two set of metal measuring cups for $1 to use as scoops (but forgot to include them in the picture).
Picked up a package of vintage rick rack and trims for $1.  Is it just me or does vintage rick rack feel much softer than the modern ones?

It was a very productive 2 hours of thrifting!  :)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and found some goodies!

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  1. Love your finds! Those Pyrex pieces are amazing.

  2. Cool on the pink Pyrex!

    I don't know what rick rack is, but Google's a girls best friend!

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  4. Love all your finds......especially the pink & lime green Pyrex!!! :)

  5. Very nice! I stumbled in from the Pyrex collective II, love your blog... such neat finds!

  6. Dang girl, you done good! I just caught up on your blog, you have one heck of a GW. Your area seems to be rife with pyrex! I need to bone up on pyrex flameware, looks interesting.

  7. PS go check out what is on my latest post. I think it will crack you up.:)

  8. Thanks for stopping by Little Brick Bungalow :)

    Dhamma, my area has been very good lately...we'll see how long that lasts...I'm definitely becoming more interested in flameware.

  9. Love the green dish and loaf pan. Also love the pink Pyrex and aprons. Great finds, thanks for sharing!