Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I love estate sales!!

I find estate sales fascinating.  Seeing all the things a person accumulates and what it tell you about that person.  I stopped in at an estate sale which started today (which I thought was unusual since they are mostly on Saturday, or maybe the odd Friday). 

When I went in, I was greeted by a few very nice ladies.  They asked if I was looking for anything specific.  When I mentioned that I like crafting supplies, they said that most of it had been given away but there was some sewing supplies downstairs that they could show me after I looked around.  As I wandered around the livingroom and dining room, I didn't spot any Pyrex.  Since the ladies with chatting with me casually, I decided to ask if they had any colourful Pyrex bowls or dishes.  They said they only remember seeing the clear Pyrex items but led me into a kitchen to take a peak.  They opened a large drawer, and right behind a stack of clear Pyrex baking dishes were a set of butterprint cinderella bowls!  They asked if that was what I was looking for and I quickly answered "yes"!  I asked how much and my jaw almost dropped when they said $10!  SOLD!!

I also asked if they had any glass teapots.  After showing a few non-Pyrex ones, the lady lead me to a box near the front door and pulled out a Pyrex caraf and announced that this was the free box so it was all mine if I wanted it.  Of course I did!  I later found a smaller Pyrex caraf in a box of stuff that was being sold as a lot for $2.  When she saw me pull it out of the box, she said that she would just give it to me since it matched the other free one...can you believe it? 

I went downstairs with the lady to see the sewing supplies.  There were boxes full of stuff.  At first she quoted me $30 for everything but I really didn't want all of it so I said I would pick out some of the stuff.  She ended charging me $12 for a large vintage sewing box, a box full of zippers, a huge bag of thread, and other random sewing stuff.

I also found these pretty earrings in a box of costume jewelery near the sewing table and she charged me only $1.  They're like clip on earrings excepts the backs screw on.

My favourite find of the day though were these amazing dolls.

There was a row of them on one of the couches.  I found out that the lady made all of them and used to sell them for about $100 each.  Her work is just exquisite!  Look at all the details:
 I just adore that little bumble bee!

 This is the bow on the back of her sun hat.
 Little buttons on the ankle straps of her shoes.
 Little mushrooms and a lady bug in her basket.
There were even little pom poms on the top of the baby's hat and both ends of his scarf.  I love the rainbow colours on the girl's dress.
Look at the wheels on the baby's buggy!

I just totally fell in love with this lady's work and I would have taken them all home if I could.  In the end I picked the two I loved the most, though it was super hard to decide.  I will be giving them to my mom as part of her mother's day present.  My mom is a super crafter too...sewing, knitting, beading - you name it she does it.  I think she'll just love them.

So this is what I got for $50:
As I was leaving, I was encouraged to take more stuff from the free boxes so I did.
I love these crocheted hangers.  Cute and also very practical for dresses and blouses that slip off of most hangers. There were tons of these and I would have taken them all but I didn't want to be too greedy so I only took about a dozen.  Imagine all the work and they were giving them away. 

I also took 2 corningware cradles, a thermos and a putter game/ashtray.

It took two trips to the car, even with some help, to load all my goodies.  What a satisfying hour of thrifting!!


  1. Hey lucky duck!

    Good find on the Pyrex - such a nice price!

  2. Wow! Now that was some lucky finds and the free items are amazing. Love the Butterprint Cinderella bowl set...huge score!

  3. Those hangers are the BEST for your clothes and free. But the pyrex, so SO beautiful!! Congrats, you had a good day!!

  4. So lucky!! I probably would have scooped all the same things :) My mom had that sewing box when I was growing up.

  5. Love the sewing box! What a dream of an estate sale!

  6. I'm so happy about the pyrex! I spent hours last night sorting out all the thread and putting it in my new (old) sewing box. Love it so much.