Monday, 9 May 2011

Pyrex filled Mother's Day weekend

I was able to squeeze in an estate sale very early Saturday morning. I found a partial primary mixing bowl set.  It was very grimy and a bit scratched but at $7 for the set of 3, I couldn't pass it up.  They cleaned up pretty good.
I also stopped in at a church rummage sale (love them!) and found a constellation divided dish.  The lid has a big chip but for $1, it was still a steal and hopefully I can find a replacement lid some day.

I also met someone online who was downsizing her collection and generously offered to sell me what she had to offer at the prices she paid.  Happy mother's day to me!!  :)  I paid $47 for all of this, plus she threw in a lid, some forest fancies and homestead she was planning to take to GW.

On Sunday, I finally got my mystery auction lot that I blogged about before.  Mainly I was after the snowflake pieces.  They turned out to be a bit more scratched than I had hoped, but they were not too bad.
Also included were homestead mixing bowls, DBD blue 401, two Glasbak divided dishes and some other random glassware. 

I love my new snowflakes but I don't think I'll be buying anything else sight unseen (except for a couple of poor quality pictures online with no detailed descriptions). 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



  1. Wonder if it's the same girl off Craigslist who never messaged me back? (RUDE!)

    I have horrible, horrible luck on CL. Lots of people are quite unreliable!

  2. No it's not, but I know who you're talking about! The craiglist lady did get back to me eventually but her pieces weren't in great condition and she was charging antique store prices.

  3. This was so pleasing to the eyes to read! WHAT GREAT FINDS!!!


    The Joyful thrifter

  4. So lucky! I am just back from 10 days away - I'll be posting soon with my new treasures!

  5. Yes, she was!

    I had asked about a certain bowl, it looked like a Federal bowl.. she replied, then I asked a price & condition, saying I accidentally chipped mine.. she never got back to me,

    guess it wasn't in very good condition, lol!