Friday, 13 May 2011

Back to the Antique Mall

Went on my second ever trip to antique malls a few days ago with a friend.  It is so much fun seeing all the lovely vintage things.  The high prices are both good and bad; for the items that I already have, it was fun to see what a bargain I got on my pieces in comparison, but for the ones that I don`t have and want, it`s very very sad.  Not everything is priced sky high, in fact it was very interesting seeing the price differences between different booths.  I was able to find a few reasonably priced Pyrex pieces that I was happy to pick up because it`s not too likely that I`ll find them thrifting.

My first friendship for $10.
 Some more butterprint!  :)  The medium fridgie was $9, the butter dish was $8.50 and the 403 was $7.

I think I spent more on gas driving there than on my Pyrex...the gas prices these days are just so crazy!!


  1. I have the same Butterprint pieces, only my bowl is a 401 - I saw a Butterprint Turquoise cinderella bowl set of 3 - it was $22 - I've been thinking about it ever since......

  2. $22 is pretty good...we saw some butterprint 444s for $10 to $15 by itself and not in perfect condition or anything.

  3. Those are great prices for all of them. Even if you'd found them at VV they would have been priced the same.

  4. great job on finding a friendship bowl!! so lovely!! I can't wait to find my first one.

    The Joyful Thrifter