Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mystery pyrex lot

I kept reading about all the great things people pick up at estate sales so I starting combing through my local craigslist and kijiji ads for one I could go to. Well I found an online auction site that does estate sales...how perfect, thrifting from the comfort of my own home! And while browsing the lots up for auction, I found one with a box of Pyrex. I spot two snowflake casserole dishes (one blue on white and a charcoal!), two homestead mixing bowls (a large and small but missing the middle size), a small blue mixing bowl and a couple of other divided casseroles. Turns out, this site only allows local pick up and the estate being sold was a 2 hour drive away. However, I have a family friend who lives in that town so I emailed her to see if she would mind picking it up for me. Sweet girl that she is, she agreed to do so. Well at that point, I was super excited. The bid on the lot was only $3 at that point.

Long story short, I got too excited and ended up bidding $20 for the lot and then paying another $5 on top for taxes and fee for auction company. That's when buyer's remorse set in. The pictures aren't that great and I have no idea what condition these items are in. And taking another look, I realized that the divided casseroles are not even Pyrex (probably glasbak or something else).  Also, I spotted the lids to some of my dishes in another lot with some clear Pyrex bakeware.  I emailed my friend asking her to see if I could get those lids.  I'm still waiting for my friend to come to see what I actually got so this story is to be continued...

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