Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Spring cleaning and ebay

Given my natural tendency not to purge things (i.e. clothing I haven't worn in 10 years) and love of buying things just because I think it's a "good deal", I worry that I will end up on a episode of hoarders one day.  I've give some things away to goodwill but seeing all those bloggers reselling things they thrift on ebay and other sites, I figure I should try to sell some of my things, if only to fund my Pyrex habit.  I think I will list a few small things on ebay since they have no listing fees for auctions starting at 0.99.  I don't want to list anything too valuable just in case there are very few bids.  I will wait until the new ebay fee structure to come out April 19 to list higher value items for free.  Let's see how this goes!

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