Friday, 29 April 2011

First trip to antique mall and gifted Pyrex

I went to an antique mall with my new Pyrex friends yesterday.  It was so much fun!  There were so many booths with Pyrex that I felt kinda overwhelmed.  Some of the prices were insane (almost $70 for one casserole!).  Sure made me feel super proud about some of my great thrifty finds!  Even some of the more reasonably priced Pyrex was still a bit more than I was willing to fork over.  I ended up getting 2 pieces of snowflake:
I paid $10 for the bigger one without a lid and $15 for the smaller one with the lid (though it has a chip). 

I came home with a lot more Pyrex though because my new friends, who have been collecting Pyrex for a few years, decided to give me a bunch of Pyrex to help me with my collection! 

Nicest people ever!!!  I'm having fun sewing some gifts for them. 

Don't you love it when common interests (i.e. love for Pyrex) brings people together?


  1. What a haul!!! Is that a lime square pan or loaf? That color is so pretty - I have the square pan and want the loaf pan to match!!! It sure is fun to get to an antique mall - my favorite down your way is Freelton - have you ever been there? So much stuff!!!!

  2. Holy cow! My pyrex heart is pitter pattering right now! Great pick ups on the snowflakes and you have the best pyrex friends ever! Also - 70 bucks for a casserole?! Crazy!

  3. OOOOOH! I love Pyrex and go all crazy when I find some even if I already have the piece :)

    Just what size is the pale Lime one?

  4. Jill: it`s a lime loaf pan - 212. Guess that means I have a square pan to look for No haven`t gone to Freelton but I will definitely try to go there soon if it`s as good as you say!