Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Vintage rescue

So there was a yard sale I missed on Saturday morning because I wrote down the directions wrong.  Well, by Sunday, the ad on craigslist had changed to say that all the leftovers were free but it had to be picked up that morning or else it was going in the garbage.  Since it was quite close to me, I decided to swing by.  There were boxes and boxes of garbage treasures.  Here is some of what I "rescued":

There were tons of books.  I picked out some vintage cookbooks, craft books and children's books.  There was a wooden box that plan on turning into a treasure chest for my little one.  The set of Olfa pattern weight were still in the package.  I also got a rolling pin (to replace the one my dog chewed up) and some cookie cutters still in the box (that I forgot to take pictures of).

Quite a few other people were there picking through the boxes as well. One guy got a whole box of old records.  A lady was making multiple trips to her car with decorative items like a nice footed glass vase.

I always wonder why people don't donate things like this, especially when many charities do pick ups if you call.  Well, I'm glad I did my part in saving some useful things and reducing the amount of stuff going into the landfills!  :)

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