Sunday, 19 June 2011

Can't go home empty handed

It wasn't a great thrifting weekend.  Went to a very disappointing rummage sale.  Everything was so overpriced!  The only Pyrex was a forest fancy casserole set for $25!!  I know it was for charity but antique mall pricing is a bit wonder there was hardly anyone there.  In the end, they probably made way less money than if they priced reasonably!  I saw others leaving empty handed like me.

Since I chose that rummage sale over some estate sales and yard sales in my area, it left me pretty grumpy because it was such a waste of my precious Saturday morning thrifting time.  Luckily, I ran into a street sale so I did come home with a couple pieces of Pyrex for $3 to salvage my morning.

Also saw a bright green 024 without a lid at another yard sale.  It was marked at $8 and the lady wouldn`t go lower than $6 so I left it.

Hope you guys had better luck that I did!  :)


  1. I'm sad to report that my weekend thrifting was also filled with Forest Fancies and Old Orchard...oh, and lots of dishwashered pinks and reds that I didn't take home. Went to 6 or 7 thrifts yesterday (used a quarter tank of precious gas!) and came home with nada. I did get a couple goodies earlier in the week which I'll blog about soon. Oh well, there's always next weekend :)

  2. BTW, what's that large orange bowl. Is that the 444 friendship??

  3. I know how you feel. Last weekend, the Pyrex gates were open, and I scored a couple of nice pieces. This weekend all I found was a carafe missing it's plastic stopper. I did see the same two Glasbake patterns all over the place, though.

  4. @The Vintage - Hope we both find something good soon! :) The gas prices really make thrifting not so thrifty! And the that larger bowl looks orange in that pictures but it is more of a yellow and is a 443...I believe it is part of the town & country set (identified thanks to some Flickr friends).

    @Abby - I guess we all go through times when we do not find anything, but that probably makes the good finds more exciting...trying hard to look on the bright side :)